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CRM - Customer Relationship Management System

Getting walking business by any Business House is now a dream only. Every Business House therefore requires a perfect marketing arrangements without which it cannot survive in this competitive world. The marketing arrangements not only includes good personnel but includes their proper deployment and monitoring also. This CRM System has been developed by RG-VP Web Solutions which helps in controlling and managing the Customers Relationship properly and efficiently. This system is suitable for various types of business entities. Builders, Real Estate and other marketing companies can control and manage the marketing staff employed by them in the market.

The traditional type of writing work schedules or diaries can well be replaced by the fully online system to manage their customer relationship. The Organization using this system can very well maintain the track of various types of leads generated, their follow up and action taken on each of the leads. The efficiency of the marketing personnel and their performance can very well be tested. This system is useful for any type of organization. The system enables the optimum utilization of the personnel related to Customer relationship. The system provides the ready data of the progress of work for the Administrator or Officer In Charge of the Organization and thereby enabling him to take timely and corrective measures. Due to close monitoring of the customer relationship the business can grow to new heights.

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Software and its architecture consists of two fold dimensions viz.
1. Analysis   Action

CRM is a exclusive business strategy that uses information technology to provide an enterprise with a comprehensive, reliable and integrated view of its customer base and managing their relations by exercising strict control on the marketing personnel.

Benefits of CRM

Effective Sales

  • Enhance Lead Quality
  • Develop an effective Sales Process
  • Improve Sales Persons’ Productivity
  • Greater Customer retentions

For Features and Pricing

  • Low Priced.
  • Hosting and Website Free(Basic)
  • Low Annual Maintenance Charges.
  • Efficient Project Management

Boost Marketing

  • Expand Your Marketing Capacity
  • Understand Your Customer and organization

Effecient Support to Clients

  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Anticipate and resolve issues easily and early.


This product is commonly useful for any private firm.

  • The software is fully online and can be accessed by the users and supervisors from anywhere.
  • This product maintains the track of Business Enquiries.
  • The Enquiries can be converted into leads.
  • The system maintains the track of Leads, the History of Leads etc.
  • The User can update the status or follow-up work from his/her mobile, tablet or any desktop machine from time to time.
  • No separate diary of daily appointments is therefore necessary for users or administrators.
  • The supervisor can know the status of various leads and the performance of each personnel on the leads.
  • The leads can be marked finally as converted into orders or they can be marked for further follow-up.
  • Unfruitful Leads can be marked as closed or dead where no further follow-up is required.
  • The users can know their daily appointments in the History of Leads Table and Supervisors can know the appointments of various marketing staff and their actual performance.

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